2016-04-04 21:12:42

Welcome to Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The livestock sector occupies a unique position in the national and provincial agenda of economic development of the present government. The sector provides a net source of foreign earnings. Historically livestock has been the subsistence sector dominated by small holders to meet their needs of milk, food security and daily cash income. Therefore, livestock is considered a more secure source of income for the small farmers and landless poor and is a source of employment generation at the rural level. It also helps to reduce income variability,

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2017-06-20 16:59:52

Secretary Message Mr. Muhammad Israr

Indeed it is a great honor and privileged for me to share few words. Agriculture employing above 40 percent of the labour force and contributing more than 20 percent to provincial GDP, is one of the key drivers of growth and an excellent opportunity to practice the diversification into areas with comparative advantages of climate. The role of Agriculture Department is to ensure food security, poverty alleviation and to generate employment opportunities through achieving higher growth rate in this vital sector of the economy. The Department is s

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2020-06-11 11:10:28

Director General Dr. Alam Zeb

Main objective of the Livestock and Dairy Development Department(Extension), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is to alleviate poverty by improving the socio-economic condition of farmers through enhancing the productivity of their livestock in terms of milk, meat and other livestock products/byproducts Livestock contribute to the livelihood of rural poor by providing a small but steady stream of food and income, improving farm productivity, increasing assets and mitigating risks. The livestock sector of our province has great potential of making contribut

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