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Short Tender Notice for Production Unit at Harichand - news


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Semen Production Unit (SPU) Harichand - page


History:Liquid Semen Production started in K.P.K at S.P.U. Peshawar in 1978.Frozen Semen Production started at S.P.U. Mera Surizai, Peshawar in 1982.The S.P.U. was shifted to Har
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Cattle Breeding & Dairy Farm Harichand - page


Functions:1 To produce pure dairy bulls for breed improvement2 To produce dairy type heifers for herd replacement 3 To serve as demonstration and technical center for farmers.
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Technical Staff Details(Designations): - Mr. RahimUllah (Director Planning BS-19)- Mr. SamiUllah (Senior Veterinary Officer, BS-18)- Dr. Ahmad Kamal (Livestock Economist BS-18)
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Functions:1 To improve the genetic potential of indigenous animal in the province2 To insure regular supply of semen and liquid nitrogen to the a.i centers 3 To ensure the availability
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eHow? Details How to register farm?
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S.No Official / Officers (Designation Only) Address /Telephone No/Fax/Email
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  District Livestock Officers Phone Abbottabad
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Livestock Extension - rules


Pakistan Animal Quarantine(Import and Export of Animals and Animal Products) Act, 1979 Animal Slaughter Control ( Amendment) Act,1965 Conservation (Restriction on Slaughter) of Useful Animals Act, 1956 (Extends to D.I.Khan, Hazara Region, Mardan, Kohat, Peshawar) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890
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PIO Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development Government of Khyber Pa
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New Projects Establishment of INSAF Veterinary Clinics in KPK Mass vaccination , Treatment and Artificial Insemination in KPK Running Project
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